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Hampton Lite is a new smart phone app that allows pregnant women to monitor their blood pressure at home providing support and peace of mind between regular visits with their maternity healthcare professionals. 

  • Hampton Lite provides you a place to record your blood pressure and urine protein results all on your phone.
  • Alerts you to high readings and provides suggestions when to contact your healthcare provider.
  • Store your hospital contact number directly in the app for quick access
  • Helps support your maternity healthcare professional.
  • Access to the app for 1 year


PLEASE NOTE: Unless used in conjunction with oversight from a maternity healthcare professional with remote access, the data collected by this app is provided for information only and is not intended to meet your health or medical needs.

Please complete below to see if you qualify for using the app


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Legal Disclaimer

To use the Hampton app you must first read, understand and indicate that you have accepted our End User Licence Agreement.
By purchasing this app you also agree that we can contact you regarding this application using any contact details provided during this purchase process.