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The HaMpton app is part of a home monitoring program for hypertension in pregnancy.

The app and program has been designed and developed to allow mothers to help monitor blood pressure and proteinuria to assess for the development of pre-eclampsia.



  • Hampton Home Blood Pressure Monitoring allows women to self-monitor their blood pressure at home. Home readings can provide a more frequent or accurate picture of a woman’s BP than intermittent Day Assessment Unit (DAU) or clinic readings. There is growing evidence for its role in pregnancy.
  • Experience with the app so far shows a reduction in unnecessary DAU visits without incurring any adverse outcomes, with women reporting positive experiences.
  • Hampton is not intended to replace necessary clinical reviews and monitoring of proteinuria, maternal blood tests or fetal wellbeing.
  • Hampton app has been developed to make it easy for patients to record their results and for healthcare professionals to review their results. 


Registering a patient on the app:

On their phone:

  • Ask them to download the app by searching ‘Hampton Medical’ in Google Play store or Apple store.

On the Clinic Portal:

  • Open a internet browser and click on the ‘Hampton Medical’ bookmark. Login with your clinic credentials.
  • Click the green ‘+’ button to add a new patient and fill in the patient’s details. Ask them to choose a password they will remember easily.
  • Once saved, they should then be able to login on their phone/tablet.
  • Show the patient how to add a BP or urine recording and highlight the warning sign that will flag with an abnormal reading.



No. If you choose not to monitor your blood pressure at home, you can have your blood pressure monitored at the hospital or with your own doctor regularly. If you cannot access your phone temporarily, you can continue to monitor blood pressure at home and record your results in a log table inserted into your notes. Please ask your midwife or doctor for further details if necessary.

Please refer to the video demonstration on how to take an accurate blood pressure measurement.


If your machine will not power on, then it is likely due to a low battery. You can replace the batteries with 4 x AA batteries or contact your midwife to arrange an appointment and replace your machine if necessary.

Please contact your midwife and arrange to collect a new set of urine sticks.

Always follow the advice of your health professional. Some patients will be required to monitor their blood pressure more regularly than others. The frequency of blood pressure monitoring may change during your pregnancy depending on how far pregnant you are.

Please return your machine to the hospital clinic that loaned it to you. Alternatively, you can contact your midwife to arrange an appointment to return the machine and discuss your plan of care.


HAMPTON Home Monitoring Demonstration


How to take a Urine test


How to take a blood pressure reading

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